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Foshan Yongjian Automatic Yj Pipeline Pipework Welding Machine

Foshan Yongjian Automatic Yj Pipeline Pipework Welding Machine

1. Industrial / Decorative / Customized Pipe Making Machine YongJian liquid dedicated stainless steel pipe making machin
Basic Info
Name Pipe Making Machine
Horizontal Shaft Diameter 50mm
Vertical Diameter 30mm
Range 25.4-76.2mm
Thickness 0.5-3.0mm
Motor Power 11kw*2
Wheel Head 3*3kw
Straightener 2set
Main Engine Size 9000 X 1200
Color at You Choice
Transport Package by Packing
Specification 9000 x 1200
Trademark YongJian
Origin China
HS Code 8401200000
Production Capacity 20set/Month
Product Description
1. Industrial / Decorative / Customized Pipe Making MachineYongJian liquid dedicated stainless steel pipe making machine
Advanced machine equipment,with inside weld on-line flattening device bright annealing with argon protection both inside and outside,make sure the pipe weld smooth with silver white color,can endure greater fluid pressure.

Foshan Yongjian Automatic Yj Pipeline Pipework Welding Machine

Stainless steel industrial pipe making machine production line introduction:
The stainless steel industrial pipe making machine production line is mainly used for the production of industrial stainless steel pipes. Due to the maturity of stainless steel welded pipe technology, seamless pipes have been replaced in many fields, and are widely used in chemical equipment, medicine, winery, petroleum, food, automobile, paper, air conditioning, construction and other industries.

Foshan Yongjian Automatic Yj Pipeline Pipework Welding Machine

Foshan Yongjian Automatic Yj Pipeline Pipework Welding Machine

2.Technical parameter of industrial pipe making machine

We can also design and product according to customer requirements.

Horizontal shaft diameterVertical diameterRangeThicknessMotor powerWheel headStraightenerMain engine size

40mm25mm 9.5-50.8mm0.5-2.0mm7.5kw*23*3kw2set7600*1150





3.Production process :

Cradle→Form→Weld→strgightener inner welding line→Sand→Set radius&level roughly→Anneal furnace→Set radius&level roughly→Online steel whirpool inspection→Set the dimension and cut the material→ Product sand.

4.Per-slaes services:

1).Answer the customers' questions about investment consulting on the field of stainless stell pipe industry.

2).According to the production process requirements,plant management requirements and the company development,offering factory planning proposals and making plant arrangements for the customers,such as functional area about production,storage,office,living,yard,etc...

3).Discuss the development trend of the global stainless steel industry as a whole with customers,particularly analysis and forecast the status as well as the outlook,trends,development,import and export,competition pattern of Chinese stainless steel industry.

4).Customers can visit the productionline of stainless steel pipe in our factory for free.

After sales service

1),Provide the relevant shipping charge information,take charge of loding and the relevant shipping procedure,focus on the safety of the goods and the shipping time.

2),Provide the technical documents about machinery installation,maintenance,operation and so on.

3),Provide the technical support about the machinery installation,maintenance,operation and so on.

4),Provide the equipment list of themain components.

5),Responsible for the equipment installation and commissioning guidance.

6),Provide one year warranty(man-madedamage without insurance,the vulnerability of non-insurance).

7),Provide post-paid warranty service after shelf life.

8),Foshan charge affairs for the custmers:apply for the certificate,find the relevant products of this industry,find the master worker,provide the information we know of the relevant weld pipe industry.

9),Provide our customers with limited space for shortterm storage of other company's products, provide charge affairs for express and shipping.

5.About us6. Selling point and Certificate

Foshan Yongjian Automatic Yj Pipeline Pipework Welding Machine

1.The mechancial precision is high ,performance is stable and storng.

2.High profitable ,fully automated and easy to operation.

3.Low continuous product and high effciency.

4.Reduce material waste and low production cost.

5.Is over 10 years of life ,durable machinery.

6.With 20 years of experience and we will provide you with best products and services.

7. FAQ

1.Are you a company or a factory ?
We are a foreign trade company with our own three factory.

2.What kind of machinery can you supply?
We can supply Decorative pipe making machines, Industrial pipe making machines, Square (Round ) tube polishing machines, Auto-press round polishing machine,Stainless steel bead treatment machine,Mold and High frequency machines ,Double head (Single head)Unwinding coiler,Saw wheel cutting table,Metal saw cutting tabe,Bring saw cutting tabe,Vertcial metal cutting table,we also sale Stainless steel pipes and industrial pipes etc.

3.Why did we choose you?
Our company was founded in 1999, with stainless steel tube mould polishing machine as the core. We have skilled skills, rich experience, to ensure that can meet customer requirements. Yongjian is a reliable partner.

4.Why is the surface of the tube pulled?
There are marks on the position of the steel belt being pressed by the abrasive tool, and there are obvious lines after polishing, resulting in insufficient brightness, including mechanical/nail/fish scale/or concave marks.
The solution: Use concentrated emulsion in a 11/3b /5B mold.

5.What is the difference between industrial pipe and decorative pipe?
Industrial pipe : Drinking water pipe, food hygiene pipe, automobile exhaust pipe, muffler tail pipe, heat exchanger pipe, etc.
Decorative pipe : widely used in home installation pipes, building decoration, hotel facilities, shopping malls, public facilities and other places.

6.What is the after-sales service like in your company?
We have one year's after-sales service, and then we can arrange technicians to your company.

7.What kind of payment tems do you accept?
We usually accept payment by L/C or T/T.

8. Contact Us

Foshan Yongjian Automatic Yj Pipeline Pipework Welding Machine