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Valve has begun updating Counter

Mar 07, 2023Mar 07, 2023

Keep it comin', Valve.

The CS2 drip-feeding continued on June 5 as Valve granted all workshop tinkerers the opportunity to dive headfirst into the various updated models available.

Weapon models have been let loose into the Counter-Strike landscape, and odds are now we’ll likely see players getting creative with new skins. Players already had access to workbench materials and publishing tools, but now with the added components provided by the CS2 developers.

Valve quietly updated the workshop resources website, bringing in the CS2 weapon models and workshop materials for creative minds to obsess over. Prepare to see a ton of new CS2 workshop skins floating around social media—the avalanche of CS2 content has started.

The downloadable zip file has the entire selection of weapon models available. But the main point of interest is far-and-away the taser. This has only led players to believe that unlike CS:GO, the taser will finally get skins in CS2.

The original CS2 showcase highlighted the various map changes made with the new Source 2 engine. As this small update only provides weapon models, we won't see any map changes as of yet. Now that weapon models have seen the light, however, there's a likelihood that maps and character models aren't far behind.

Prior updates surrounding the "hackerone" policy changes stoked the flames of CS2's impending release. The policy change left CS:GO open to a multitude of potential bugs without a developer to fix them.

The biggest bit of news from the policy tweak was the inclusion of a "June 14" date. This key detail in the hackerone guidelines sent Counter-Strike gamers into a frenzy, and only brought CS2's release closer in the eyes of fans.

With updates happening multiple times a week, it seems the CS2's unreleased days are numbered.

Hopefully, the various glitches in CS2's beta have been fixed by Valve's devs, and we’ll get a chance to give the Source 2 update a test run in the coming weeks.

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