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I gave my ugly fence a budget makeover as my neighbours could see everything

Apr 25, 2023Apr 25, 2023

A DIY pro has revealed how she gave her ugly chainlink fence a glow-up on the cheap, giving her garden a brand-new look and a lot more privacy.

Stef took to TikTok to share a step-by-step guide for those wanting to transform their garden on a budget - and suggested using pressure-treated fence panels to get the job done in just one afternoon.

Known online as @couchstef, the US-based content creator regularly shares budget-friendly DIY and interior design ideas with her 115,800 followers.

In a new reel, she said: "How I covered my chainlink fence without ripping it out for just $400.

"This video is for anyone that is looking for a budget-conscious way to cover up your chain link fence and make it look more aesthetic from the inside."

During the one-minute video, Stef revealed the exact steps they took to give their fence a brand-new, modern look.

She continued: "We bought eight pressure-treated six-foot by eight-foot panels that were already put together.

"We used galvanized tube straps that are meant for plumbing to attach to the actual fence.

"You can see the fence panels already has two support beams and we added this one right here in the middle that aline the horizontal bar of the chain link fence

"This is a slightly larger tube strap that what we used, just one inch and this was one and a half, but you slide this around the pipe and drill into the support.

"We also used two-inch pipe straps at the bottom around the larger vertical post which you can see here.

"We will be painting the back side of the fence black so that it is all nice and seamless."

Below the video, she revealed exactly what she bought and how much it cost her, adding: "$354 - 8 fence panels @$46 each.

"$25 - 8, 2x3x8 supports @ $3 each.

"$20- 28 pipe ties @ $.70 each."

Shoppers can pick up similar-style fence panels from various stores, including Wickes, with prices starting at just £39.50.

Pipe clamps or saddle clips can also be bought online, with retailers like Screwfix offering them for as little as £2.48.

Fans loved their budget solution, with the step-by-step guide gaining more than 4,200 likes and 196,900 views.

In the comments, keen DIYers shared their reactions, with one writing: "Definitely doing this!"

"I did a more ghetto version of this but it's been 4 years and still standing. The chain link is circa 1959 and hasn't moved an inch," commented another.

A third added: "Oh i wish. My neighbors would lose it."

Someone else put: "I’ve been wanting to do this exact thing to my yard in NM! I had no idea it could be so cheap. Thank you!!"